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Ex>Misha and related releases brought to you by Pažnje vredne rekords. These are CD-R releases, but they do come with a nice printed cover, sometimes even with a design of your choice.

Bear in mind that you don't need to order the album in order to hear it. You can find some of my releases on Bandcamp for free and in format of your liking.As for other releases not avaible via Bandcamp, contact me and I'll see what can I do about it.

One more thing to know is that my resources are limited, that's why ordering more than 5 copies of each album is not allowed. I'll do my best to send them as sson as possible. All releases cost 5 eur per item.





Extraordinary anniversary edition, and tenth release for this brave artist, founds him in advanced electro lo-fi mood, intertwined with some neo-no-wave. As a final milestone in achieving full potential of home recording on basic equipment, this marks the end of an era, and point towards back to spontaneity future.


The latest release featuring such songs as "Mjau" cat anthem, MTV abused "Bolja", Agent Promene and many other "lo-fi hidden in mainstream sound" gems. You may chose different front cover design, you can see all versions here. Released in 2012.

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Release that relaunched Ex>Misha's one man band project. Released in 2010.


This is how Ex>Misha used to sound when he had more enthusiasm than technical knowledge. In fact, many of the songs are rerecorded versions of songs from previous albums, plus few extra songs, which makes it kind of "gratest hits" album. Released in 2009.


When I say that this is the Čelik Promet's most disciplined album so far don't get me wrong, you will receive your dosage of chaos and will have some challenging moments while listening to it. It is still the most recent release because the band afterwards oriented on creative process as something that is never really finished and went into the wilderness for a while. Released in 2004.