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The big news is there will be news soon


Posted on January 2, 2016, 7:32 PM

As much as I need time to do anything, there will be some rewards soon for all you waiting something new out there.

So, the news is I got my next release ready. It is coming after almost four years of discographical celibacy. Don't get your hopes too much up because it's only an EP containing just four songs. You could say after all these time I could have completed double album or something but life has taken me to this longer route. Also, my work process has become so complicated that any track I make demands too much time to make, with final steps of the process, which are least interesting creatively, taking most of the time, and therefore, I struggled to find motivation during these final phases.

Quite a promising introduction to a new release this is not, but bear with me, for I think it will be a worthy listen. Stylistically, this release continues where I left of with Domaci album, released back in 2012. But it adds some more spontaneity and more vivid style on the top. However, because the process was so slow I have decided to change my approach to music for the next release, and I already have the new concept ready.

But let's finish with more info on this new EP. The release title is "Bice smesno" which means "It will be funny", as in not yet funny but it will turn out to be funny. Song titles are "If raw == True", "Opasna stvar", yet to be titled 1, and yet to be titled 2, in this order. It will come out in two flavors. One will be instrumental version of the album which will come out first. I decided for this because I found the music so rich that it almost does not need vocals. It will be followed by version with vocals some days after. But before all this happens I need to make a cover art, and before I make a cover art I need to install Photoshop. I really hope this will not take weeks but rather days to happen. Stay tuned!