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New album is out!

Hi everyone, the new release titled Puna Soba Sokrata is released! You can find it on Bandcamp right now.

I’ve worked on this set of songs from the middle of 2019 till January 2021. It all started with improvisations written for bass and drum (machine). Realizing I have so many new ideas after being half dead in the music sense for a couple of years or more.

Starting with the best moments that these sessions brought and started transforming them to songs, but I still kept some improvisational moments that I liked, so many songs have this free flow and do not have standard pop song structure. I kept the order of songs the way that they have been created. So the first song is the oldest and the last song is the newest, with one exception because I had to make it, the song didn’t fit anywhere else.

Now, the year so far behind us has been very interesting musically, I have two bands I am involved with, and we will see how this will develop. I do intend to promote this release in some way. Thinking about playing for the first time in years sounds exciting.

In the meantime, stay tuned, download the album and enjoy the new year for which I wish you many great successes!

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