Employment Buerau Years

Paznje Vredne Rekords

First album of Ex>Misha is sort of “best of” from several previous albums when he was still being known as simply “Misha”. There was a need to rerecord them because I felt I could do it better once I was able to better master the home recording process. This is more guitar oriented album, most songs are just verse chorus verse with some solo here and there. Open Ended Society is very politically explicit song, talking about many anxieties of post-socialist wanna-be-capitalist society we had witnessed back then and we can still feel them now. Never ending transition and feeling that only freedom we are really granted is to be nobody and risk your entire well being for the forces of the market. In the same vein is Trziste rada only more personal, showing hopelessness of the many with fears over the future, unemployment and social isolation coming with impoverishment. Then we have social drug taking hymn High, some romantic moments with Dreamstore, powerful rock in You’ve Been Told So, garage blues Holding Me Back, energetic Security Options, and many others.

album, lo-fi, artist, new wave

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